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I am a scholar of digital humanities, the history of information science, communication, new media rhetoric, and science and technology studies. Currently, I am completing a manuscript entitled Byting Out the Public: Personal Computrs and the Private Sphere, which analyzes the the personal computer’s domestication during the 1970s and 1980s. As popular media and news coverage stress the power of computational technology for political change (the Moldova Civil Unrest, the Iranian Election of 2009, the Tunisian Revolution, and the Egyption Revolution), my work shows that the computer has not historically served as a source of liberation. Instead, it emerged as a reactionary force against the American liberation movements of the 1960s. I have received financial support from a variety of outlets, including the University of Minnesota’s Charles Babbage Institute’s Arthur L. Norberg Grant, MIT Press, and William and Mary’s Provost Dissertation Fellowship

I have also completed a variety of digital humanities projects as both a solo researcher and collaborator, and I have an extremely large working knowledge of many digital humanities tools and methodologies. I specialize in large scale textual analysis and visualization, virtual reality, GIS, digital archives, and alternative publishing platforms. While digital humanities research has focused on historical or literary sources, I have a growing interest in how historians will conduct research on digital culture in the next two decades. As a result, I am generating a series of articles assessing the impact of large-scale data analytical methodologies on qualitative research in computational history. My research has appeared in Gnovis, Digital Humanities Quarterly, Global Horizons, and The Programming Historian.

At various points, I have also served as an instructional designer, educational technologist, and freelance web developer. My eclectic interests have recently pushed me in the direction of more artistic and creative endeavors. Specifically, I am interested in generative art and grammar. I am always open to collaborating on projects. If you have an idea, please feel free to email me at